Velashape III

Smoothe out that cellulite with a Velashape treatment

The ultimate body shaping experience, the VelaShape III has been specially developed to utilize elōs technology that combines infrared, bi-polar RF and a vacuum to heat the fat tissue, resulting in a smoothing of cellulite and lymphatic drainage.

This increases the circulation within your skin while stimulating fibroblast activity, ultimately reducing the volume and laxity of your skin. Simply put, you will see an incredible reduction of loose skin as your body tightens with the reduction of cellulite and fat cells under the skin. Your tummy, legs, thighs, waist, butt and everywhere else that you want to be tighter will be targeted to develop a perfectly contoured body that is ready for the beach!

The treatment causes no discomfort and the best results can be seen from just three to five treatment sessions! If you are having trouble with cellulite or excess skin that you just can’t lose, the VelaShape III treatment is the perfect solution!

Have your body beach-ready in no time with our effective treatment packages that use the latest in body care technology to blast away fat cells and cellulite.

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